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10 Most Common Spoken Languages in the United States

February 10, 2021

You will often come across a reference for the United States, where some will call it a melting pot when talking about the region’s cultural diversification. The cultural mixture is the component that makes it an exciting place to be. When in the United States, you expose yourself to a possibility of life-altering experiences through food, music, and fashion from different cultures. Languages, however, have a unique touch about them.  Did you know that although English is the commonly spoken language in the United States, there is no official language?  The reason behind this is the fact that the people... View Article


6 Tips for Legal Documents Translation

February 3, 2021

If you have a document that you need to get translated, then you need to make sure that you do it accurately. There are a lot of different types of translation that might need to take place in a variety of industries. Conversational translation and interpretation are not the same things as document translation. If you have a legal document, then the stakes are high. You need to make sure that this document is translated perfectly. That is where qualified legal translators can be helpful. Learn more about how you can find the right legal translation team to meet your... View Article


Why Hasn’t Artificial Intelligence Mastered Language Translation

December 24, 2020

While the world continues to enjoy exceptional connectivity thanks to continuous technological innovations, language remains a business barrier. Even though tech devices can quickly and effortlessly connect people globally, language often can’t. Language translation remains one of the elusive targets that current artificial intelligence systems cannot reach, and many people wonder why it’s so hard to conquer. This article shines a light on why artificial intelligence hasn’t mastered language translation yet. What Makes Language Translation So Difficult? The translation is more about giving similar meaning to content in a different language while conveying feelings and objectives without changing the actual... View Article


How to Select a Professional Translation Agency

December 7, 2020

Today, we live in a world that is more connected than ever before. Therefore, there are numerous situations where someone might have to translate between different languages. In this situation, it is important to make sure that the translations are handled efficiently and appropriately. This is where a translation agency can be helpful. A quick internet search is going to return numerous options for various transcription agencies, which often leads to more confusion. How can someone make sure they find the right transcription agency to meet their needs? There are several key steps that everyone must follow when selecting a... View Article


Most Accurate Translating Tools & How They Compare to a Human Translator

September 16, 2020

Introduction The translation is one of the greatest needs for these modern times, and every person/ organization is racing to have their contents in multiple languages. This race creates a challenge on the effectiveness of human vs machine transcription and the appropriate tool to use when translating your document. Popular Translator Tools Computer-Aided Translation tools are fast taking control of the market. In recent years, a variety of them has been developed to challenge human transcription skills and prove themselves against human capabilities and performance. There is a series of CAT tools designed to meet this goal and mission effectively.... View Article

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