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How to Get a Notarized Translation in French Online?

January 13, 2022

While English is inarguably the language of international finance and culture, and Mandarin Chinese is catching up, French was once the international language of choice. It is still a massively important language on the world stage. Even so, if you need a notarized translation in French online, the way to get it may not seem terribly straightforward. After all, notarized documents are hard-copy by definition – in most cases, a notary has to stamp a physical document for it to be recognized as notarized.  Some of the terminology can be confusing when you’re searching for translation services. This is especially... View Article


How Does Online Translation Work?

January 3, 2022

Just about everyone from curious individuals, students, teachers, and businesses of all sizes will want and need translation service at some point. The most common place where people obtain it is the Google search engine. This generalized service provided simple translations from and to almost every known language on Earth. There are websites online that perform similar services and software packages designed to translate from and to a number of languages. With so much demand, many people are asking, “How does online translation work?” As usual, Etcetera is here with an answer. How Does Online Translation Work?  The Google translator... View Article

Why Do People Need Language Translation in Business?

January 3, 2022

There are two primary reasons to go into business. The first is to make a profit and to earn financial freedom. The second is to engage in a productive endeavor that is in line with your talents and ambitions. There are many “must-haves” in the world of business, no matter what industry you’re in. But what about translation capabilities and services? Here, we’ll discuss some of the many reasons translation services are good for your vision as an entrepreneur and your bottom line. 6 Reasons You Need Language Translation in Business The one reason the Internet is the world’s most... View Article


How Good are Language Translation Software Products?

January 3, 2022

Just about everyone has or will use Google Translate or some kind of online language translation dictionary at some point. Maybe it’s to find out what that Bhutanese Chess player said to you in the chat. Maybe it’s just for fun, or maybe it’s for something more substantial, like figuring out what the tech support guy is saying about your VPN. If you can relate, just imagine how useful language translation services would be for business. When your bottom line is at stake, Google Translate or even more expensive language translation software has only limited capabilities. For example, research has... View Article

academic transcript translated

When You Need an Academic Transcript Translated

December 10, 2021

Academic documents bear your academic history. They tell your potential employer or schools about you. Thus, there is a need for document translation even when you understand the local language. Reasons That May Necessitate Academic Translation The type of documents a student will need to translate depends on many factors. However, it is always advisable to find out the need for translation. Several reasons may call for academic translation, including the following: When Applying for a Job Opportunity You’ll want your academic transcript translated when applying for a job opportunity. However, academic translation plays a more significant role when applying... View Article

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