Hungarian to English Translation Services


Hungarian is spoken in Hungary and portions of many neighboring countries. It is Hungary’s official language and one of the European Union’s 24 official languages. It is also spoken by Hungarian populations outside of Hungary. Considering its global nature, there’s a need for translation to other languages to enable effective communication across industries.

Translation of important data needs experts who are keen and excellent in translation. With translation, there’s no time to play the guessing game with who to hire as accuracy is the goal. Etcetera Language Group Inc. is a translation company that has been in the translating business for over two decades. We offer exemplary translation services in many languages, including the Hungarian language translation to English and vice versa.

The Services We Offer for Hungarian Translation

Below are three of the most common services that we offer:

Document Translation

A single mistake when translating documents can be costly. Etcetera Language Group Inc. handles hungarian document translation with a lot of care. We handle translations from over 100 languages, including the Hungarian language, to English and vice versa.

Translation Proofreading

Desktop Publishing

When you need to reach your audience effectively, you need to consider the different languages involved. You can trust Etcetera Language Group Inc. to do the multilingual desktop Publishing for you for Hungarian audiences.

We use our state-of-the-art technology to ensure that we produce outstanding brochures, posters, business templates, and other materials you would need to reach your Hungarian and non-Hungarian audiences.

Translation, Proofreading, and Editing

With our many years of translation, we know that errors can occur with a direct translation. This is why at Etcetera Language Group Inc., we strive to deliver to you near-perfect translations by translating accurately, proofreading,  finally editing to perfection.

 Major Industries We Service in Hungary

We offer our translation services to an array of industries enabling them to communicate effectively across the board.


Hungary is one of the largest pharmaceuticals manufacturers in eastern Europe. Before a drug reaches the market level, translation services are essential for the whole process, from the research to the packaging.

As Etcetera Language Group Inc., we provide many pharmaceutical translations in Hungary. We offer a wide range of translations for the pharmaceutical industry, so please reach out to us for your pharmaceutical translation needs in Hungary.

Motor Vehicles

We know that Hungary annually produces more than 800 thousand cars from foreign brands, making Hungary big on the motor vehicle industry. Like many other significant industries, the sector needs translation services for the sake of its worldwide audience. For this reason, as the Etcetera Language Group Inc., we are here to bring in excellent translation services for the motor vehicle industry in Hungary.


Hungary, too, has grown so much in the metallurgy industry over the years. The industry serves Hungary and many countries worldwide, which means that the sector also meets many language users. This is where the metallurgy industry translation services are needed, and we at Etcetera provide the services to utmost perfection.

For Hungarian translation to English and vice versa, feel free to contact Etcetera Language Group Inc. at (202)547-2977 for more details or fill out our online form.