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Are you looking for high-quality, confidential, and reliable translation services? You have come to the right website, as we are a group of exceptionally trained and qualified Language Service providers ready to assist you with any kind of translation services you may require. We have a network of native speakers scattered across different languages and areas of expertise to serve all business segments.

We are, therefore, a one-stop shop that you can count on for every transcription service you may require. We understand the need for documents to be easy to read and flow as if they were never translated from another language, so we strive to provide this kind of quality to our clients.

Our company offers certified translation services that can be valuable in many situations, including visa applications, claiming public benefits, and obtaining scholarships with foreign education institutions. Many clients that come to us may not understand what certified transcription services are, which is why we have given an in-depth explanation below.


What Is Certified Translation?

A certified translation is where a translated text is attached with a certificate showing the translator’s qualifications, a statement of the work’s completeness and accuracy, and identification of the translated document and the language, and the translator’s name, signature, and date. The attachments are proof that the interpreter is competent and that the translated work can therefore be used in legal proceedings, to verify academic credentials, immigration matters, and other sensitive applications. Translators can certify their own work, as an employee of a transcription agency would.

Obtaining certified translations for your text will give you peace of mind that the transcription has been done to the best of the translator’s ability and that they are qualified. Our certified transcription services will help you transition smoothly into a job or study abroad as we are fast, efficient, and accurate.

4 Types of Documents Our Certified Translators Work On

The types of documents our translators can work on include:

Commercial Document Translation

Come to us for an unambiguous and accurate transcription of commercial invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, commercial proposals, business registration documents, and other business documents. Our staff can also translate financial documents such as bank statements, tax forms and returns, insurance policy documents, balance sheets, and others that are vital to the effective running of your company. we also handle technical documents, scientific research, and engineering manuals such as user manuals, technical reports, and specifications, and troubleshooting guides.

Legal Translation

Our team effectively translates court proceedings, petitions, disputes, letters, memoranda, statutes, powers-of-attorney, contracts, licenses, wills, and other legal statements. Our legal document translators have a strong background in legal terms and expressions to ensure high-quality work.

Medical Translation

Our team will translate documents such as medical reports, informed consent forms, autopsy reports, medical device manuals, and pharmaceutical product labels, and clinical trial reports.

Transcript Translation

We translate academic transcripts for degree and diploma awardees. We also accept texts in multiple formats in addition to word, excel, PowerPoint, Access, and OpenOffice.

What to Look for In Certified Translation Services

The world of transcription has grown vastly, with over 30,000 language services providers globally. All these LSPs vary in terms of their quality, level of experience, and area of expertise. It is essential to select the right translator especially for documents that will have high visibility, such as legal and immigration documents. Looking through all these for the first time can be overwhelming, which is why we have compiled a list to guide you:

Translation Proofreading

  • Have translation as the core of their business: a business that offers transcription as one of the many services they offer is highly likely to offer substandard work due to other priorities. Translation is a sensitive job that requires a firm to hire only the finest experts and not outsource, which can reduce accountability on their end.
  • Client references: does the company have previous clients you can contact and ask about their previous work? a company confident in their work should have no problem offering a list of more than five clients for direct feedback.
  • They are willing to sign NDAs: Before allowing a transcription firm to access potentially sensitive medical and legal files, you should request them to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and they should present the signed document as proof.
  • Their translators should be qualified: You should work with a company that has experience and experts in handling the kind of documents you want to have translated to improve the quality of translated work.

Our staff is glad to talk to you about our services and walk you through our process to help you make an informed choice on whether we are a perfect fit for your project. Our mission is to be the trusted language services provider partner you rely on for all kinds of translation jobs. Call Etcetera Language Group, Inc. today for more information about our services.

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