Urdu to English Translation Services


Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language mainly spoken in South Asia, and it also functions as the national language of Pakistan. Additionally, the country of India heavily uses this language, and it is currently their eighth scheduled language. At Etcetera Language Group Inc, we translate thousands of texts from Urdu to English and other languages. We have been perfecting our art for the past two decades, offering impeccable services to you and your business.

The Services We Offer Urdu Clients

We can offer a wide range of translation services to our clientele who are trying to reach an Urdu speaking market, including:

Document Translation

We acknowledge that any minor mistake during translation could lead to message distortion, proving to be a costly mistake. That is why, during document translation for over 100 languages, including the Urdu language to English and vice versa, we only ask our experienced team to work on the documents.

Desktop publishing

We are excellent when it comes to handling multilingual documents during desktop publishing. At Etcetera Language Group Inc, we strive to ensure that our final document is well-translated, engaging, informative, and easy to read.

Translation, Editing, and Proofreading

Direct translation can cause a lot of errors. That is why we go through your documents with a fine comb during translation, editing, and proofreading to ensure every text of word in your papers makes sense, is well-translated, and has no grammatical error.


Major Industries We Service in Pakistan

Below are the various industries we offer Urdu to English translations and vice versa:


The Pakistan aviation industry largely contributes to the growth of their economy with at least US $3.3 billion gross value. In addition, they have employed more than 500,000 people directly and much more indirectly.

Therefore, because of their diversity and not everyone can quickly learn the Pakistan language Urdu, we provide our translation service.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands that want to connect with their potential clients online. The purview of digital marketing in Pakistan is rising at a higher rate per day. So, at Etcetera, we are committed to providing our quality translation service to meet all the rising needs in the industry.

Gaming/ Software Development

The gaming industry in Pakistan has been seeing a rising trend over the last couple of decades. Additionally, there is a target audience of 2.3 billion gamers worldwide. However, not all gamers can learn the Urdu language, so translation services are imperative to unify the gaming experience.

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