February 13, 2018

"Joaquim is fantastic. His service is proficient, efficient and knowledgeable in cultural competency. I needed my diplomas translated from French into English and not only was it done correctly, his service even created the same format and design as the original documents. His expertise is apparent as he is aware of the difference between diploma translation and credential evaluation in the sense that graduate level (PhD) requirements can be filled with translations only. He is right and his translation of my Master's and PhD filled the requirements for my position handily. Thank you Joaquim and Etcetera Language Group."
August 8, 2017

"When I needed a medical letter translated from English to Spanish I did some legwork and called a few document translation services. I selected Etcetera based on a call with Joaquim during which he displayed insights into the specific needs of the technical language involved which reassured me that his team was professional. I was also impressed by the service aspects: quick turnaround and express mailing of the document plus notary certification within two days. (In contrast, one service I called in California was vague and who didn't even "hear" on the phone that I was living in Washington DC not Washington state. This is enough to raise questions in my estimation as to their specificity and detail-execution.) Within a short time of sending my letter to Joaquim, I received an email in response and within two days had the express mailed documents in hand. The extra mile they went, to verify the medical terminology with their Spanish editor/translator was appreciated. The price f"
September 23, 2016

"I applaud Etcetera Language Group for their tremendous work on my project. The job was to proofread about a thousand words that I had translated from nineteenth-century French. It was full of military terms from two thousand years before that. I can read French, but I wanted a second thought on some parts of my translation. To find the right person, I went to about a dozen translators, including many native francophones, and gave them a tough sentence in classical French, similar to the ones that would be translated. Only Etcetera got it right. Their editing was meticulous. They checked for consistent meanings between the two texts, and ensured that historical words reflected their intended meanings. I am truly impressed. Etcetera's staff answered my queries quickly and often. Plus their price was one of the best."
August 4, 2016

Director, Advertising/Promos

"Etcetera has been my go-to translation company for many years. They have not only been able to handle technical automotive terminology with ease, they are always very quick to turn around my requests, even with little notice."
June 27, 2016

Director of Communications

"As a health center that serves the LGBT community, we have translation needs that require an absolute mastery of both medical terminology and the need to be sensitive to our gender expansive and sexual minority patients and clients. It's no easy task, and Joaquim and his team have excelled at it."
Etcetera Language Group