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The Estonian language is the national language spoken in Estonia, and it is also the second most common Finnic language other than Finnish itself. The language isn’t spoken much outside of Estonia, other than perhaps people in Russia or Latvia along the border might be passingly familiar with the language. There are northern and southern dialects which are grammatically similar just like different English accents according to what country someone is from and where in that country they were raised.

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Translation Services

Because of the global economy, many businesses rely on accurate translation services to function efficiently. Investment opportunities, medical and science fields, advertising, legal forms based on such trades require appropriate translation. An online translation program works much like an English to Estonian dictionary in providing a literal translation of vocabulary but doesn’t take into account the context of how words are used by native speakers of the language. A sentence might be formed to be grammatically correct but is not phrased the way any actual Estonian would communicate. Such mistakes might seem funny as part of a comedy movie, or might be acceptable in a friendly conversation in which one person is learning the language, but can make for very expensive mistakes when conducting overseas business which relies on specific interpretations of goals and objectives.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing is much the same as translations within a profession, in that it has be properly phrased to clearly communicate the idea behind the work. A poster or brochure, whether intended as an advertisement or source of information must be clear to the native speakers who read it. Again, such work relies on proper phrasing in order to imply the intended ideas, but it can also rely on text size and font styles which are appropriate to the culture where the work is to be used. Different languages might use smaller or larger letters, they might use bold type or italics differently than English writers, and if such rules aren’t followed the paper might be sufficient to express its meaning but just look odd to the person trying to read it.

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Translation Proofreading and Editing

As with all writing, writing in Estonian is going to require professional levels of proofreading and editing. For the non-native speaker, a typo might not seem like the worst thing to happen, unless they realize the mistake made a vulgar word or implies a generally offensive concept within the culture. Multiple mistakes can be even worse, describing a service the provider doesn’t offer simply because a misspelled word written over and over has a completely different meaning.

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Translation services are provided by Etcetera Language Group, Inc., located in Washington, D.C. And operating worldwide via the internet. Contact us to determine how we can help with Estonian or other language translations, whether you are interested in learning more about our services or would like to discuss a free initial consultation concerning how we can fill your needs.

Coronavirus-Related Documentation Translation

We are open and available to provide full translation services for all widely spoken languages during recent circumstances caused by COVID-19 (aka coronavirus). We understand the need for accurate translation services during these hard times and remain committed to providing you with exceptional service. We are actively translating corona-related documents for clients across numerous languages. Please click here to see a list of all languages we are assisting in COVID-19 document translations.

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