English to Swahili Translation Services

Swahili, also known as Kiswahili among its speakers, is the national language spoken by citizens of Kenya, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, and Uganda. Numerous other countries in East and Southern Africa also speak it, including Rwanda, Burundi, Mozambique, Zambia, Somalia, and Malawi.

During its evolution, the language has taken numerous shapes and forms, including sheng, a mixture of English and Kiswahili spoken in Kenya and Uganda. The Comorian language, spoken in Comoros, is also believed to be a dialect of Swahili.

An estimated 100-150 million people speak Swahili both as a native and second language. It is also a recognized working language in the African Union, the main continental body in Africa.

Working with companies and businesses in East and Southern Africa means that most people a company interacts with will speak Swahili. Thus, it is essential to get professionals when you’re planning on dealing with high-ranking professionals from other parts of the world. Here are some of the essential services that help in communicating with people who speak Swahili:

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Translation Services

Extending a company’s clientele means meeting your business partners where they are, and this includes understanding their language. Translating English’s documents to Swahili requires proficiency in the Swahili language and a good understanding of the English language. From a legal perspective, knowing what a document entails is an essential part of safely engaging in business. Thus, getting the right professionals for highly accurate and efficient document translation is essential.


Desktop Publishing

Good desktop publishing is a key element in attracting potential clients all over the world. Brochures, posters, and manuals are some of the first things clients interact with before reaching out to your company. Thus, having an attractive and highly professional finished product puts you at the forefront of the business.

Translation Proofreading and Editing

The phrase ‘lost in translation’ usually has a literal meaning in the translation world.d Some words and phrases easily get omitted, while others some don’t always have a direct meaning. Translation proofreading and editing play a vital role in ensuring that these gaps are filled. Checking that each word can be accounted for and correcting those that have been improperly translated. However, not every translation company can correctly fill and even notice these gaps. It often requires years of practice, even for native speakers of the Swahili language, to be able to translate everything from English into Swahili. The key focus of translation editing, and proofreading is to provide a complete and clean translation that is easy to understand yet accurate.

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