What is a “Certified” Translation?

March 22, 2021

Whether you are dealing with a financial statement, a government document, or a legal document, you have to understand exactly what is on the page. In some cases, you may need to translate this document from language to language. In this situation, you will need to invest in a professional translation. This can go a long way toward placing you in the best position possible to be successful. At the same time, you need to make sure that the translation is correct. That is where a certified translation can be helpful. What is a certified translation and when is it needed?

What is a “Certified” Translation?

If you require a certified translation, you are going to receive a transcription that has a certificate of quality attached to it. Essentially, this certification is going to include a statement of the translator qualifications. Furthermore, this statement is also going to affirm the completeness and accuracy of the document itself. This will also contain an identification of the translated document and the language. Finally, the translator and the transcription companies name, signature, and date are going to be attached to it.

Now, importantly, this does not mean that the work is necessarily going to be of any higher quality just because it is certified. It simply means that the transcription has met a specific legal or regulatory requirement and affirms that it has been completed accurately. Even though there are situations where a non-certified transcription can be just as accurate, a certified translation is going to provide you with more confidence and the result. In some cases, it might also be helpful to get a certified transcription notarized as well. Even though a transcription itself cannot be notarized, the document can be notarized.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a document that has been translated with the highest level of confidence, then you should look for a certified translation. In order for someone to obtain a certificate attached to his or her translations, he or she simply has to demonstrate a much higher level of expertise. Therefore, you can also rest easy, with more confidence in the results you are looking at. Look for a certified transcription for all important documents.

Certified Translations

When is a “Certified” Translation Needed?

Furthermore, there are a lot of situations where you may require a certified translation. For example, if you have legal paperwork, such as documents that are going to be admitted for hearings and trials, then these have to be certified. Furthermore, a trial transcript that is in another language will also have to be translated and certified before it can be admitted. If you are submitting a document to a legal body, the transcription has to be certified before it can be admitted.

Furthermore, if you are applying for a work visa, a visitor permit, or any other type of official document, this has to be certified as well. Any and all documents that you are going to submit as a part of your application have to be translated and certified before they can be read. Most government organizations, including the Immigration Bureau, are going to require that any translated documents be certified before they are considered.

There are other situations where you may need to have a certified transcription completed as well. For example, if you are filing paperwork for the adoption, it is possible that you may need to have these documents certified and translated in order to be considered. Again, adoption is a legal process. Therefore, you are going to be submitting documents to the court system. Similar to evidence that a trial, any documents that you submit as a part of your application for adoption have to be translated.

These are just a few of the many examples where you may need to have your documents not only translated but certified as well. If you want to place your documents and the best position should be considered with the highest level of confidence, you need to have any transcriptions certified before you submit them.

Professional “Certified” Translations

In the end, if you are having an important document translated, then you know that the stakes are high. Therefore, you need to rely on a trained professional who was going to get the translation done quickly, correctly, and reliably. That is where we can help you. We are Etcetera Language Group, and we have an unparalleled level of experience handling translations of all types. We can translate back and forth between dozens of languages, including jargon. Therefore, we believe that we can help you with all of your document translation needs. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you with your next translation, please give us a call today! It would be our honor to assist you.

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