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Google Translate Game

September 7, 2021

Although Google Translate is an impressive feat of technological advancement, it can never truly compare to professional translators. Because of these inaccuracies and issues that come from using this program for translation work, there is a growing trend of people using it as a tool to create games for a party, rather than sincerely using it as a translation tool.

In this game, you start with famous quotes or sayings, plot summaries for books or films, or descriptions of historical events that all players will be familiar with. Then, you select a language to translate this selected phrase or description over to. Once you have your translation, you need to highlight and copy the result, refresh google translate, and then insert your translation back into English. The fun then comes from your players trying to guess the original saying or phrase, or if it is a description of a book or film, trying to figure out which one is being described.

So, for example if you take the phrase “all is fair in love and war” and use google translate to convert it into Japanese, the result you will get is “Ai to sensō wa subete kōheidsu,” which when you refresh and reinsert into google translate, it will tell you that it translate to “Love and war are all fair.” You can see here that already the meaning of the final phrase has shifted from what is meant in the original phrase. These mistakes and inaccuracies will build up over larger blocks of text, resulting in confusing messes that can make this game much more difficult than it might initially seem.

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