How to Get a Notarized Translation in French Online?

January 13, 2022

While English is inarguably the language of international finance and culture, and Mandarin Chinese is catching up, French was once the international language of choice.

It is still a massively important language on the world stage. Even so, if you need a notarized translation in French online, the way to get it may not seem terribly straightforward. After all, notarized documents are hard-copy by definition – in most cases, a notary has to stamp a physical document for it to be recognized as notarized. 

Some of the terminology can be confusing when you’re searching for translation services.

This is especially true of notarized translation services since it’s common for the word to be used interchangeably with “certified.”

But, of course, any qualified translation service knows these are not the same thing. How do you get a notarized translation in French online?

What is a Notarized Translation?

A Notarized Translation is any translation that comes with a separate document that has the signature of a notary, for the purpose of verifying the identity of the person who performed the translation.

This way the recipient or other concerned parties can verify that the translation was performed by a qualified translator.

By itself, a notarized translation does not assure the quality of the translation work.

However, it does verify that the translation service has been provided by an accountable, trained, qualified, and well-vetted language expert.

Certified translations, by comparison, are provided with an affidavit of accuracy that is attached, printed on agency letterhead.

This affidavit is then signed in front of a notary to allow it to function in a variety of legal settings. 

Certified and notarized translations are always provided together to ensure the complete accuracy and viability of a translated document. 

How to Get a Notarized Translation in French

To obtain a notarized translation, you will need a notary public to officially promise that the identity of the translator who performed the work is who he or she says they are and that their identity and qualifications are real, true, and sufficient.

The notary will not at any point verify the actual work of the translator.

They simply verify the identity of the translator.

What this means for the customer is that they must be confident that the organization or individual is qualified and trustworthy.

For a certified translation, the translator must sign a statement which states that the translation is accurate and a true representation of the original message or document.

The Etcetera Language Group, Inc. can provide both forms of translation quality verification.

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Their team is fluent in dozens of high-demand international languages and provides a wide range of translation services, including notarized translations.

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