Medical Translation Services

There are countless languages in the world and without being able to understand what the other person is saying, communication can become exceptionally difficult. In the medical field, the stakes are high, so it is critical to get this translation exactly correct. Even if someone is fluent in another language, the jargon can make it difficult for two parties to understand each other when it comes to healthcare. This is where medical translation professionals are critical.

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What is Medical Translation?

For those who might not know, transcription is the practice of translating numerous types of documents from one language to another. There are countless doctors who require the help of translation professionals to help them handle their patient records, prescriptions, histories, physical exams, referrals, and more. With the pace of travel and immigration today, it is common for doctors to see patients who might not be fluent in their native language on a daily basis. This is where healthcare transcriptions are key.

Furthermore, transcription is not just about working with doctors. The healthcare field is vast and transcription services work with all medical professionals. For example, pharmaceutical companies ship equipment and medications overseas on a regular basis. These labels contain critical information and instructions that are required for the proper dosing and administration of medications. Therefore, transcription services are required here as well. Biomedical engineering companies that manufacture surgical tools also need to ensure that their devices are used properly. This is just another area where transcription plays an important role.

Finally, the translation of text used in clinical trials also requires the help of transcription professionals. This ensures that not only the research professionals but also the patients understand how the clinical trial is going to unfold.

4 Types of Medical Document Translation Services

While there are multiple types of transcription services that are available, there are a few common types of healthcare document translation services. These include:

  • Patient Records: This is one of the most common types of transcription services. When patients travel overseas, they might end up needing to visit a doctor. This is one area where transcription can be helpful.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Drug companies regularly ship medications overseas. In this situation, it is important to rely on the help of transcription services to translate the labels and pamphlets into a language the recipient can understand.
  • Medical Devices: With medical devices more global than ever, this is another area where services are required. It is imperative for manufacturers to make sure their devices are being used correctly. With the help of transcription professionals, this can be done.
  • Autopsy Reports: Autopsy reports regularly need to be translated from one language to another. In this situation, transcription professionals can make sure that all of the information contained in the report is medically accurate.

These are just a few of the most common types of rendering services that might be required. It is important for everyone in the healthcare field to make sure they are relying on the right rendering professionals for their needs.

What to Look for in Medical Translation Services

When it comes to healthcare transcription services, it is important for everyone to know exactly what to look for. Some of the key points to remember include:
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  • There are multiple types of transcription services. For example, some translators might specialize in a certain area of healthcare. Even within the field of clinical medicine, translation services might specialize in a certain specialty. Ensure the rendering service is used to working in that specific healthcare field.
  • Obviously, it is important to work with a rendering service that has the right language. While English and Spanish are the most common, Mandarin and French are also needed. Make sure the translation service can handle translation in both directions (from one language to another and vice-versa).
  • Finally, it is also important to make sure the healthcare translation service can handle both written and spoken words. For example, some translators might only be able to handle verbal communication but not written. Sometimes, the opposite is true. While most healthcare translations are going to handle written documents, verbal communication might also be needed from time to time.

These are just a few of the points that everyone has to keep in mind when they are looking for professional medical rendering services. Trusting the right professional to handle medical rendering is critical for patient care.

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If you work in the healthcare field, then you need to make sure that everything you write is able to be understood by the recipient. That is where we can help. At Etcetera Language Group, we provide high-quality language translation services in the medical field to make sure that even the most eclectic jargon is accurately translated. Contact us today!

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