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February 17, 2021

Useful resources such as the internet and technology have become crucial in making the world a “global village.” People can nowadays access services, information, and products, regardless of the location worldwide. However, issues such as language differences present a significant barrier in accessing these resources.

Thus, below is a compilation of 7 industries and companies that need document translation services. These companies range across different disciplines, including law, finance, eCommerce, and more. However, these are just a few of them, and you should check out the rest as well:

    1. Legal and Law Industry Legal professionals often have to deal with clients that come from different locations or even cultural backgrounds. Engaging with these clients is not easy, and this is a significant hurdle for lawyers. It’s because communication is crucial in the outcomes of any legal court case.More so, the legal industry often requires translation services for large batches of documents. These can include documents detailing services provided, laws surrounding the topic, and more.A good example would be that legal documents such as work permits, marriage, and birth certificates often require precise wording. Any lingual mistakes on such documents can easily alter their meaning, thus making them useless. Furthermore, legal parties such as attorneys, lawyers, defendants, and the jury often need help in understanding different languages.
    2. E-commerce Online shops have gone from being a contemporary fad to becoming a crucial aspect of how people can access products. A recent report showed that close to 1.92 billion people purchased goods using eCommerce platforms. Plus, the sales on such platforms also reached $3.5 million, and researchers predict it will increase in the future.However, the issue with this is that some shoppers often don’t understand the language used on such platforms. More so, eCommerce platforms often have varying regulations and rules associated with their services. These rules help guide the operations and clients’ interactions of the given eCommerce platform.Converting this information into different languages is crucial for the operations of such services. Plus, making their platforms multilingual is also essential, as the internet makes it easy for anyone worldwide to access the given services. A good example would be the product descriptions and details, which have to be available in the correct languages.
    3. Social Media The footprints that business, people, and more leave on social media platforms today is immense. On average, seven in ten Americans use social media platforms to engage in various activities. It’s the perfect platform for people around the world to interact, share ideas and information.However, a critical issue remains, and this is the language barrier. Such platforms require translation services across many fronts. Such online platforms have various rules and policies regarding the use of their services. The ability to avail this information using the right language is essential because it can help stop lawsuit issues.

      A good example would be businesses that want to provide in-depth detail about the scope of their services. At times, a Canada-based legal service might have Chinese clients who are not English Native Speakers. Such a language barrier can present many challenges in the way these two parties can interact. 


    1. Finance Businesses have gone global, and many companies today can target clients from different cultural and social backgrounds. Thus, this means that businesses are highly likely to interact with clients who use a different language to communicate. Plus, companies are increasingly becoming multinational brands, with staff and clients that use different languages.Furthermore, platforms such as social media and the internet have made it easy for business operations to proceed. However, a language barrier presents a major hurdle in the way such platforms can process information. Getting translation services can improve the efficiency at which finance operations proceed. 
    2. Medical Industry The medical industry is perhaps one of the most important disciplines to humanity today. All regions worldwide have a strong interest in this topic, especially in the wake of issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic.During such times, the sharing of information has been crucial in managing the disease worldwide. Issues such as language barriers have meant that platforms such as hospitals, international aid agencies, governments and more, cannot communicate effectively.Furthermore, platforms such as hospitals often have clients who come from different cultural and social backgrounds. While they might require urgent health care services, it is also good to communicate with them effectively. It helps shed light on the terms of the given health services and ensure they understand the client’s specific health issues.

medical industry translation

  1. Science and Research Few disciplines around the world are prone to change, such as science and research. It’s a field that plays a major role in exploring new ideas, innovating, and solving world problems. Furthermore, the field often involves sharing information, and using the right language is crucial for the research.Researchers often come from different parts of the world, using Spanish, German, French, or English as the primary language. Remember that converting the publications such professionals provide into various languages is essential.It helps ensure people can access the information and apply it to improve their quality of life. However, any inconsistency in the process of converting these languages can make an entire publication redundant.
  2. Travel and Tourism Visiting different locations around the world and the country is an exciting way to spend leisure time. Plus, it also gives you an interesting topic for you to share with your social group.Various travel and tourism and travel companies also have clients that come from different parts of the world. Thus, this means that they likely speak different languages, and it’s crucial for such businesses to understand their client’s needs.However, if you have ever been to a place such as China or Argentina, you will notice that English is not common. It can present a major hurdle in health, transport, or travel services to address such issues. The ability to communicate effectively during such times is crucial.

Expert Translation Services Across Industries

Language is a unique aspect of the world today, and it helps us identify people from different cultural backgrounds. However, while the other languages worldwide are unique, it presents a significant hurdle in sharing information, services, products, and more. Resources such as the internet have made the world small, and understanding these languages’ content can be crucial. If you ever require translation services, a good recommendation would be Etcetera Language Group.

Our expert linguists use CAT tools, like SDL Trados to ensure you get translated content, making sense, grammatical, and the most important, that is terminology consistent. The SDL Trados is algorithm-based software for translation procedures. 

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