Understanding All of Our Technical Translation Services

November 9, 2021

Technical translation is a distinctive type of translation that involves translating materials dealing with the practical application of scientific and technological information. Technical translation requires the use of a qualified technical translator. Qualified technical translators understand the subject and specialized terms of specific fields in the target and source languages. 

Numerous disciplines and subjects require technical translation. For example, articles from engineering, medical, and technical journals need linguists with graduate training from relevant fields who also possess professional translating skills. 

For exceptional technical document translation services, look no further than Etcetera Language Group, Inc. is one of the largest specialized translation companies in the world. 

We offer technical manual translation solutions and related business services to various industries. We also provide a complete set of solutions that fulfill the needs of our worldwide customers under budget and on time. 

We have a multilingual crew that prides itself on highly accurate global translation, professional presentation, and vital customer service. Contact Etcetera Language Group, Inc. today for a free quote on technical support translation services or other language translation and related business services. 

What are the Different Technical Translation Services that We Offer?

We offer technical document translation services for both digital and printed documents in several languages across the globe. 

We have skilled linguists in various fields such as Contracts, corporate translation, legal, finance & banking, and engineering translation. Some of the critical translation services that we offer include:

Translation Proofreading and Editing

Whether personal or organizational translated texts, they all need checking over. Proofreading or reviewing translated texts is not just about translation accuracy but also about ensuring that the right commercial or legal rights get used. 

At Etcetera Language Group, Inc., we have qualified translators, linguists, and native speakers of various target languages familiar with specific readerships. The multilingual team of experts translates and proofread translated work. 

They work in numerous languages to deliver a professional presentation, accurate translations, and excellent customer service. Once editing the content is finalized, proofreading will involve going through the final copy to correct any mistakes. 

The intention is to ensure that the intended message reaches your audience in your intended manner. Our proofreading and editing services also ensure that your business professionalism gets an accurate representation. In addition, our specialists can guarantee the quality of the translated documents, which is vital in any industry. 

Our document proofreading and editing process ensure that all professional documents do not contain translation mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation issues, falsehood, excessively literal translation, or typographical mistakes.

Transcript Translation Services      

Transcript translation is often popular with students or people going overseas to continue studying or pursue new working opportunities.

Transcript translation is often needed because professional documents convey information clearly to whichever company or school administrators reading them. Failing to have your transcript translated could effectively jeopardize a promising opportunity. 

If you are looking for a trusted transcript translator to have your transcript translated, Etcetera Language Group, Inc. we have you covered. We are the leading transcript translation services provider with top-quality transcript translation and the best translation rates. 

So, What Type of Transcripts Can We handle?

We often work on academic transcripts, but it is important to note that we can also handle other documents. 

For example, if you have business transcripts that need translation, we can also help you and foreign business partners get on the same page. In addition to that, we also translate medical transcripts. 

If you want to inform your employer about your pre-existing medical condition, we can help you transcribe all your vital information and share it faster with your potential employer. 

Medical Translation Services

There are many languages across the globe, and without understanding what other people are saying, communication can become exceptionally difficult. 

The medical field is a unique case and so critical to getting the translation correct. If one person is fluent in another language, the jargon can make it very difficult for two parties to be on the same page regarding healthcare. In such a scenario, medical translation experts are very critical. 

At Etcetera Language Group, Inc., we are one of the leading medical translation service providers. We will assist you in all your medical interpretation and translation needs. We have several years of experience serving the medical community with over 120 languages and 950+ language pairs. 

Our medical translation services help healthcare providers across the globe eliminate language barriers to serve communities better. We provide an accurate and secure solution delivered on time by our team of experts. 

The medical industry features specialized terminologies, all branching off the science. Therefore, patient histories, electronic health records, patient records, clinical findings, and lab reports can all be transcribed into the languages you need. 

Your documents will be handled by a medical translator, provided by Etcetera Language Group, Inc., experts in the medical field.

There is always a necessity of having your medical documents handled by accredited medical translators. Only these types of experts have the skills to manage documents well.

Legal Translation Services

In the legal industry, stakes are always high. There are several lines, and it is always essential for everyone to understand what is said to make an informed decision. 

Unlike regular translations, legal translations need to be done by someone with extensive legal knowledge and a background in law.

In addition, the law industry itself is very dynamic and differs depending on the region and the country where those laws are applied.

Therefore, translators must maintain the original language of the texts and possess legal knowledge of the area where the translation gets used. 

At Etcetera Language Group, Inc., we provide legal translation services for legal institutions and firms. Our legal translators understand the subtleties and nuances of specific terms to ensure the legal translations they deliver are 100% certifiable and accurate. 

The team of professionals also understands the terminologies of legal systems around the world.

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